Game Audio

Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse

Roguelike-lite-ish couch co-op twin-stick top-down shooter (WIP).

All audio is actual in-game audio from (00:46)


  • Content Creation
  • Audio Implementation
  • Final Mixer

Engine – Unity3D
Middleware – Wwise

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Bleed Off

First Person Survival Horror game.



  • Audio Lead
  • SFX Editor/Designer
  • Audio Systems fabrication
  • Audio Implementation
  • Final Mixer

Bleed Off is a Survival-Horror game, where the player stars in a VHS horror movie set on an ominous Oil Rig.

Engine – Unity 4.6 (pro)

Audio- Wwise/Unity integration.

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My experience on Bleed off was nothing short of extraordinary,

I was offered every opportunity to spread my wings as a Sound
Designer focused primarily on Video Game Audio.

This game was developed using Unity/Wwise – The first ever to
feature Wwise functionality to the extent that we did in VFS History.



The features I am most proud off?

Dynamic Mixing System – Which mixed the game in real time based
on situational cues and in game triggers.

Occlusion System which was implemented.




Audio Post Production Final Project for VFS

Implemented in Unity/Wwise to fold down the 5.1 surround mix in a cool way :)

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